Science in the Movies

Field Trips to Stunt Ranch

Come to Stunt Ranch and spend the day experiencing first-hand how science is used to create movie magic!


At Stunt Science Day teachers and students ride ziplines, attack ropes courses, play in move-snow, fly through the air like action heroes, challenge fears by jumping onto our High-Fall Stunt-Man Airbag, and end the day with a fireball explosion! 


Your 5 hour field trip is packed with activities that uncover the secret behind-the-scenes science used by movie stunt & special effects coordinators, with a strong focus on safety throughout.  We reveal the science concepts behind movie fireballs, bullet hits, rappelling, zip lines, rain, mist, smoke, snow, electronics and much more!

(The students don't DO anything DANGEROUS, we let professionals do that.)


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Students - $30

Teachers - FREE

Parents & Chaperones - $20

($1,500 minimum)

Small Schools call for shared booking prices

Our High-fall Stuntman Airbag

Jack Canfield, author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul," is an enthusiastic supporter of our book, "The Secret Science Behind Movie Stunts & Special Effects". Order now for a personally autographed copy by Steve Wolf, author and founder of Science in the Movies. Makes a terrific gift! 

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Science in the Movies


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