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Stunt Science Performer Tommy Betts 

As a stunt and special effects coordinator, Steve Wolf uses science every day to solve the challenges of creating exciting movie effects.  While watching the news he learned that the US was ranked 23rd in school science knowledge.  He was perplexed that the nation that put a man on the moon was failing basic science, and that kids who could tell you every line from their favorite movie couldn't remember a thing they had learned in school.  He came up with a plan to use the entertainment industry's ability to capture and hold kids attention to help them master the science they will need in order to succed.


Steve has been producing film and TV for 25 years.  He is President of Wolf Stuntworks, headquartered at Stunt Ranch in Austin, TX, and the founder of Science in the Movies, an organization that teaches physics and chemistry through stunt demonstrations.


"If you want people to learn and grow, you have to engineer experiences that promote that growth."






About Science in the Movies Creator Steve Wolf

A licensed pyrotechnician and professional stuntman, Tommy has performed hundreds of Science in the Movies shows all over the country.


His movie experience includes breaking the world record for the most explosives fired on a person's body! Tommy is also a professional BMX rider sponsored by Red Bull.  


Steve & Tommy passionately engage students and teachers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts through the various Science in the Movies programs.

We share the same goals: get kids excited to learn, help them master content, and have them succeed in careers they love... so let's work together.


Call us today to discuss bringing the Science in the Movies program to your school, or having Steve Wolf keynote your next conference, and we'll send you a free copy of my latest book, "The Secret Science Behind Movie Stunts & Special Effects" just for picking up the phone.


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